Wednesday, 1 December 2010

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Corrie's lesbians- an example to other soaps

When it was first announced Corrie was going to screen it's first lesbian storyline between Sophie Webster and best mate Sian Powers, a lot of people were skeptical. Which is understandable given that soaps in the past have had us believe all lesbian are psychos who get murdered or go back to guys in a few weeks.

However, since the storyline began properly airing in July, after the girls were forced to vanish from our screens due to some annoying thing called exams, opinions have changed. One look on the soap forum on tells you all you need to know. A lot of people put it down to the chemistry of the actresses, specifically the fact they've known each other since they were 6. Producer Phil Collinson also comes in for a lot of praise, many saying he's saved the show.

The storyline have also exploded a few myths from soap lesbians past. Have they gone back to guys after a few weeks? No, they've been together for over 7 months. Have either of them gone psycho? No, although what Sophie's mental state will be once she finds out her dad impregnated Molly is anyone's guess. Have either of them been murdered? No, still alive. There was also Sophie deciding she can love both God and Sian.

With the tram crash devastating Weatherfield next week what the future holds for the girls is anyone's guess, with no-one knowing what the future holds for anyone. However the past for Sophie and Sian has been eventful. They are now living together thanks to Sian being disowned by her dad, who was a complete ray of sunshine on his brief appearance, describing his daughter as a freak and a weirdo. Oh and he got her age wrong- epic fail.

Does everyone now agree they are the cutest couple in the world? No, but a lot of skeptics have been won over by them.

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